The used cars market is one that is doing really well. For many who dream of owning their own vehicle, going in for used cars may prove beneficial as they can then acquire the top car brands with fully upgraded features for a fraction of what the car would cost on road in newly minted condition. The yearly depreciation on automobiles contributes strongly in favor of those who buy used cars.

Here are some of the best used cars to buy that are typically snapped up by used car dealerships and also bought by customers within a few weeks of being placed on the market.

One of the very popular cars in the best used car segment is the hybrid, Toyota Prius, which itself is indicative of the immense popularity enjoyed currently by hybrid and crossover cars. The Prius offers good value for money with excellent fuel economy both for in city and highway driving. It is a car known both for its reliability and safety.

In the electric car segment, Nissan’s Leaf is popular for not only is it among the most affordable of electric cars when new, it’s affordability increases when one goes in for a second hand used model. The Leaf has a range of 84 miles and hence is a very sound option for those who want to use it for driving within a small town or city.

The Ford Fiesta ST is another popular pick in the used cars market for its ease of driving. This hatchback offers a comfortable and compact front wheel drive.

In the SUV category, the top runners in any list of best used cars to buy in America remain the Honda CR-V, the Toyota 4Runner SR5, the Chevrolet Tahoe and the Grand Jeep Cherokee, even though the SUV segment is absolutely brimming with newer and trendier offerings from all car manufacturers.

Other used cars that receive votes for their popularity and speed of sales are the Chevrolet Equinox, the Ford Edge, the Hyundai Santa Fe, the Mazda CX-9, the Toyota RAV 4, the Nissan Armada and Volkswagen Tiguan.

However, when buying any used car, no matter the popularity of the model it is essential that you do a thorough check of the specific vehicle you are considering before you make a commitment.