PACIFIC SALES is a popular name for everything for your household. Right from your kitchen to the bath, they’ve got you covered with their wide range of products.

PACIFIC SALES has catered to the needs of home building and remodeling for the last fifty years successfully. Their experience with homes ranges from individual PACIFIC SALES appliances to furnishing entire rooms. After successfully working with homeowners and contractors alike, PACIFIC SALES is your trusted partner in building your home. They offer a variety of products to their customers, from entry-level products to quality brands to luxury products. PACIFIC SALES believes in serving every customer according to their subjective needs.

The expertly trained store assistants will help you no matter how small your requirement may be, free from the pressure of working for commissions. They will take you through aisles and aisles of the store until you get that perfect bath fixture or the right refrigerator. Their wide range of products is as follows:

PACIFIC SALES has appliances such as kitchen cooktops, wall ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, coffee-makers, freezers, ice-cream makers, compactors, and disposals. Their range of dishwashers includes both built-in and portable dishwashers; microwaves include built-in microwaves, countertop microwaves, over-the-range microwaves and microwave drawers. Beverage coolers and dispensers are also provided.

Washers and dryers
They provide washers and dryers, but they also provide accessories for them. Their wide range includes washer-dryer combos as well. Their washing machine range includes both top-load and front-loads washers.

Outdoor living
Their unparalleled range of outdoor cooking equipment like grills is accompanied by outdoor and shelves too. Their outdoor grills also have the choice of built-in or freestanding grills.

Kitchen and bath fixtures
With products like showers, vanities, sinks, toilets, tubs, and accessories from top brands, their store will fulfill every need for your kitchen and bath fixtures.

PACIFIC SALES appliances are available at unbeatable prices. Along with low prices, they also have other rebates and 18-month financing services. Their customer service stands out with their free delivery and installation for your product’s safety. Haulaway and recycling are other key features that enable you to get rid of your old appliances responsibly.

They also send regular newsletters so builders, contractors, and homeowners alike are up-to-date with new products. Alongside new products, tips and hacks are also provided for the efficient use of your products.