The door-in-door refrigerator is one of the models of a fridge that caught on the trend and is here to stay for its ability to provide easy access to reach more-often used items without having to enter the main compartment protected by another door within. They come in several variants with attractive features that provide impressive performance regarding energy efficiency, usability, and quietness among others. Hence, such models from LG and Whirlpool refrigerators can be an ideal option for your home. Below are some more reasons why one should go for door-in-door models.

  • Energy efficient

LG refrigerator is highly energy efficient with its robust compressor. It features the new Smart Inverter Compressor, which dynamically adjusts the temperature depending on the load, thereby controlling the energy consumption. This is ideal for those of you endeavoring to curtail your electric bill or trying to transform your home into a ‘green’ one.

  • Great amount of space

An LG refrigerator is perfect for any household. It provides double the amount of space with regard to the cooler, which means more room for groceries and products. The bottom freezers are designed as a pull-out drawer to provide accessible storage space for your frozen goods. Thus, there are no more chances of fall out on your head whenever you open the door. Also, the drawer design of this fridges is more modular than the single door, which has less space for storage.

  • Stunning look guaranteed

Each LG refrigerator comes in the counter depth model, providing a more streamlined look to your kitchen. It is also available in the built-in design, which enables you to store lots of supplies. These fridges come in stainless steel, which is durable and portray various attractive design patterns. Door-in-door fridges from LG houses latest technologies like the top-mounted LCD and weather sensing that enables it to control the temperature automatically.

Further, they also come with exceptional features such as smart diagnosis system, ice beam door cooling, and a 5-step process to eliminate microbes and odor to provide the best in class appliances. For more information, you can read reviews LG refrigerators have received till date on several websites, and have a better perspective before making your purchase.