Investing in the stock market can be rewarding and can be a quite a gamble at the same time, provided you have done your research. There are a number of things you should take into account before outing up that investment.

Investing in stock is not just the only option for you, it’s one of the options amongst many other ways to consolidate your funds. You might get easily influenced by people who have been investing, to dump a significant portion of your hard-earned money into stocks. But you will have to take into account the return on your investment before you decide to dump everything in a market which can be very uncertain at times. It is advisable to branch out and spread your investments over a number of sectors instead of putting all your eggs in one basket.

The risk factor is prominent in the stock market, this also depends on whether the investment is short term or long term. Short term investment is risky because it is not easy to make a profit in a couple of days or for that matter, just in a day. There are people who invest on a daily basis and cash out at the end of the day before the market closely to make a quick profit. But this requires a substantial investment on the investors part and is not advisable for people who are just starting out in the market.

Brokerage and broker, two terms at which everyone cringes. Nobody wants to shell out a couple of bucks here and there just so that they can invest in the market. Before trading accounts could be opened online, the only way to invest in the stock market was through a broker who would charge a commission. But nowadays it is very easy to find and open online trading accounts, with your banks and thus eliminates the need for a middleman, not completely but quite extensively.

As earlier mentioned earlier, it is not advisable to out all your money into the best stocks of a single corporation, rather find a way to diversify your investments and figuring out multiple avenues. The best stock to buy in today’s market is generally from the information technology, infrastructure, big data management, artificial intelligence and more.

Before investing, consult with people who have invested previously and figure out the important knowhows of the best stock to buy or invest in, basing on current market trends.

The top five stock to buy recently include, Las Vegas sands, Whole foods market, NovoCure, Cummins and General Motors amongst many other popular performers in the market.