When someone tells you that they are downsizing and moving into a tiny apartment, the first thought that comes to your mind is what might be the reason? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad one, but a rather surprising move on someone’s part.

Normally, people would think of moving or relocating to a bigger house and apartment. But there are a number of benefits of moving into a tiny house, if you have a minimalistic living style and are not too worried or fussed about the size of the room, type of flooring, carpeting and others.

Tiny houses come in a number of shapes and sizes for that matter, they can be mobile homes or trailer homes which can be just hooked to the back of your van and towed. Tiny house can be prefabricated or prefab living spaces which are cheap and can be assembled in a very short span of time. Put a tiny house on wheels and you can tour the country.

Here are some of the benefits of living in a tiny house.

For a cheap, yet comfortable minimalistic living, tiny houses and mobile homes are the trending rage. Relocating for a new job or project elsewhere, worry not! Just hook up your tiny house to the back of the trailer and drive down to start another exciting adventure.

There are a number of customizable design options available with tiny houses, you can design and modify it any way you want. Plus, the cost and time needed to build a tiny house is very less compared to what you might end up spending, even for a small apartment in a city.

Tiny houses are easy to clean and maintain, since the total surface area is no more than a couple of hundred square feet or even less. Even with a number of customizable options, tiny houses are easy to maintain since there is only so much customization you can do at once.

Rig up a couple of solar panels and say goodbye to heavy electric bills. Not only are tiny houses ecofriendly, they will help you cut back on what you might generally spend for utilities and other necessities in a regular sized apartment.

The more modern versions of tiny houses are the expensive variants of your standard RV’s or recreational vehicles which are nothing but homes on the go. They are a bit on the higher range when it comes to price, but also provide the requisite comforts for the price tag.