Low-income housing is provided to those who pay more than 30% of their income for rent. It was identified that They would not be able to take care of other expenditure due to the burden of their rent. Hence a scheme was introduced with criterias that determine if they qualify for low-income housing.

Low-income houses provide housing at a low rent for those who need it. They generally have a very long waiting list.

The Department of Housing and Developments makes these decisions. They have been around for a long time and they strive to meet the housing needs of the population. They are appointed by the government to ensure that this facility is made available to citizens.

Qualifications For Low-Income Housing

There are qualifications based on many factors that need to be met in order to obtain an apartment with low rent. This includes the per capita income, the number of citizens who need low rent housing, the gross expenditure, and the available housing facility.

Once all of these factors are taken into account, they set these qualifications.

  • Annual Income
  • Whether you have any disability
  • Number of members in the family
  • Number of working members in the family
  • Number of senior citizens in the family
  • Citizenship status

Information regarding the above-mentioned details is gathered and analyzed. There are certain families that need low-income housing more than others. Hence, based on the requirement and the qualifications, a list is drawn.

Several housing schemes are already occupied and there are more being built by the government. The aim is to provide a home for all those who are in need of it. However, when there is no vacancy available, a waiting list is put up. Based on the availability and the number on the list, apartments are allotted.


These houses have all the facilities that can be found in any other apartment complex. In fact, since it is taken care of by the government, it is known to be more secure as well. Several of these apartments even have stores, parks, and hospitals in the vicinity. It makes the apartment all the more ideal for occupation.

The apartment is maintained by paid help who ensure that the premises are neat and clean.

The prices of apartments in the real estate market have tremendously increased in the last few years. Along with that, the rent demanded have also increased. Not only is it hard to buy a house in today’s economy, it is also difficult to rent one. These low-income housing is the perfect solution to help the citizens.