Negotiating the price for anything you buy can be a tedious and challenging task, especially when you have met your match who is just as good as you are at bargaining. But when it comes to substantial investment, a little bargaining will go a long way if you play your cards right.

Here are a few tips which will just help you gain the upper hand.

Finance, it is the first thing that you should take care of before you even look for a house. Consider key factors like pre approval of mortgage before you even make an offer on the said property. Your offer will be more convincing when you have already have the finances ready to back it up.

Take into account the interest rate which you will be incurring on your loan. Consider the principal amount and calculate how much interest you will be incurring on multiple mortgage options. If the difference between the two is not so substantial, a little extra funds can help you buy the right house for the best price. Don’t lose out on a better property deal just because the interest rate was a couple of dollars higher on the second mortgage option.

Having an agent or property expert who can ascertain the appropriate market value of the house is advisable. You won’t be able to make a low offer on any property which is currently under priced or selling at below the market rate. This is where the expert will come in handy and can suggest you the best course of action, financial and otherwise.

Property will be in demand. Especially properties which are located in prime areas of the city or close to famous landmarks like the Central Park in New York City. Property surrounding this area for example will sell like hot cakes and for a good price. If you have the budget and are sure that you can afford interest rates, taxes and additional expenses, do not hesitate to go for such properties since they will be in demand. Make your first offer the best you can, keeping in mind of course the other factors discussed.

Be prepared and willing to compromise on certain factors. Your first offer will ensure your interest in the property. However, there might be something that you don’t like, for example the decor or layout. These are things that can be easily changed and modified, so it is best advisable to let the little things go and look at the bigger picture.