Genealogy, the study of one’s ancestors or lineage has become quite popular among the younger generation. The reason for knowing their genealogy is very subjective. It varies from person to person. Irrespective of the reason behind your inquisitiveness, one cannot deny that genealogy holds the key to a lot of questions that arise in your mind. It has its mysterious attractions that allure a person to know more about himself.

Tracing your ancestry can have different motives behind it and off late people usually do this in a quest to find out whether they are related to any celebrity or a famous personality. There are instances where a person has to trace his ancestry for religious regions since some churches in the world make it imperative for the person to be aware of his ancestry. Many times, in a bid to find out whether they have a famous ancestor or just to satisfy their curiosity, people often overlook the importance of genealogy.

Tracing your ancestry is kind of fun and mysterious at the same time but it has its significance that has made it quite popular these days. Here’s why genealogy is important for you and the next person as well.

As a caution for ailments- If your grandfather has Alzheimer’s, chances are high that he might be the recipient of the same health issue that might have caused ailments to his ancestors. Genealogy is important since it helps you trace the source of the disease. You can identify who had the particular ailment and the frequency of its recurrence.

Tracing your birth parents- If you spent your life in foster care or were adopted at a very young age without any memory of your parents, genealogy helps you trace your way back to them.

To trace your relatives- If you go in for a genealogical test, there are chances that you might find yourself a member of a family you had no idea existed.

Connection to famous people- If you are inquisitive about your ancestors’ participation in the history of your country, genealogy allows you to find out whether you are a descendant of a famous military general or not.

A sense of knowing yourself- Plenty of times, there are individuals who feel incomplete and on self- introspection, they harbor the need to know more about themselves. Many of those people who have used genealogy to trace their ancestry claim that they found themselves after knowing their ancestors.

Genealogy, done for fun or for any other reason still seems very mysterious and knowing about our long-gone ancestors is very fascinating.