VoIP is short for Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol. It is an electronic phoning system. Basically, what it means is that you can make telephone calls over your broadband or internet connection.
The biggest advantage of integrating VoIP is that you can use them on the go. You can simply hook up your VoIP converter to your phone and use the internet to make calls. Or, if you use VoIP services like Skype on laptops or tablets, you can simply login and call the user to reach them. Getting a VoIP system can save a lot of money for your business. These days, telephone bills come in large amounts. If you consider the installation and the hassle of wiring traditional phones, then using a VoIP system will give you relief.

Here are the top three VoIP-exclusive benefits for you and your business.

They Are Portable

Viber, Skype, and Whatsapp – these are good examples of VoIP services. You can use them on your phones, or on your tablets. It doesn’t matter which computing platform you use as long as you install one of the VoIP apps. VoIP systems make making calls instant and easier. You don’t have to worry about unreachable networks or out-of-coverage areas. You can use them on the go – from the train to the plane and so on.

They Save Money

Telephone bills cost a lot. Installation and annual maintenance and the lack of ability to log calls or track them from analog phones are a constant complaint. Getting a VoIP service is different. You can keep track of your calls, log your call history, see whom, when, and from where you have made calls. Note that the call rates are very affordable and some VoIP services allow you to make free domestic calls over the internet.

They Can Function In Many Ways

You can conduct video conferencing with your VoIP systems. Take, for instance, Skype. It lets you make video calls, voice calls, and international calls too. You can attend meetings, chat with your supplier, talk to your clients, and do a lot more face-to-face digitally. It can be used by students, businessmen, and literally anyone else. You can even send files over VoIP systems and share videos which make it much more than just a call-only system. You also have the option of using a VoIP converter which looks like a USB stick. Once you plug it in, you can use the internet to make calls. This saves you the hassle of creating new accounts with the different existing VoIP services. You can create this system exclusively for your business contact number. Just ensure that you are plugged to a high-speed internet connection.